A message from my wife about a discussion with our 3 year old

Bella is missing a piece from one of her toys and when I told her it wouldn't work now she "that's ok we can just tell daddy to print another one!"

People keep saying 3d printers will revolutionize the world. They are right, just not in the HOW. The children growing up with desktop manufacturing available to them are the ones that will revolutionize the world. The ability to create without the prerequisite traditionally required craftsmanship is what will do it. 

Look at the underlying shift in base assumption of my 3 year old, it's not *if* I can fix her toy – that's a given in her mind, it's that it's as simple as pressing a 'print' button on a computer.

That's what blows my mind.

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  1. I grew up building in wood, and fixing things. I hope to instill some of the old school "farmer fix'n" ethics into my children.

    This cheap plastic stuff we have nowadays doesn't fix like the stuff of the past.

    The replacement part we are going to make its actually going to be better than the original injection molded part.

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