Keychain box

The contents of my pocket I carry a lot of stuff in my pockets. This is the contents of my left front pocket. I am tired of sounding like a coffee can full of nuts and bolts rattling around every time I take a step. My keys rattle against each other, the little Altoids tin, the pill canister, my knife, etc. I took to carrying the Altoids Smalls tin as a catch-all box due to it’s small size. I’ve had in my pocket for probably 4 months now, so it’s getting pretty tired looking.

Keys and an Altoids Tin I drilled a couple of holes in each corner of the lid of the tin. I picked the lid as the keys will cover the embossed Altoids name. Space the holes as near as you can to the outside but leaving a space for the base to fit inside of the lid and not hit the nuts. I used a couple of 1/2″ #6-32 machine screws and nuts to bolt the keys to the lid. I would probably use some of those Chicago Screws as they are called if I had them. I faced the teeth of the keys in, so they didn’t snag in my packet. I use the keys in a specific order, so they are ordered outside in in the order of use. I thought about using thin plastic spacers, but it doesn’t seem to be needed for now. I just rotate the keys out that I need. There is enough clearance around the keys that they are easily usable.

Keys bolted to an Altoids tin as a keychain You can see that the small tin, with 8 keys bolted to the top isn’t any thicker then my Victornox Cybertool pocket knife. Granted, that’s a rather large knife to carry every day.

My keychain can now hold stuff I didn’t want the keys falling off my tin. I super glued the nuts to the bolts and to the tin as I don’t have any lock-tight. A Dremel will take the head of the bolt off if I can’t break the glue with a screwdriver & a wrench.
I put my headphones adapter for my cell phone in the tin. I also carry a 1 gig USB memory stick in it that I made a custom, waterproof housing using some casting resin.
I am going to put a small bit of cloth in the bottom and lid to quite the rattle down. I will also put in a cotton ball to fill the space and help silence the contents of the tin as well.

I am going to see how long this tin key-chain lasts.

Folded up PakYak frame.

Side view of the boat frame folded up. The whole boat folds up into this little package of wood, aluminum, nuts and bolts. It isn’t folding too tight because I can’t be bothered with the details in the directions. Flat Head Screws, not pan head screws. Oh well, I got some now, so lets see what it looks like with the correct hardware.

The boat frame folded up Isn’t it cute? It’s like looking down into a crib at a newborn. It isn’t all that much bigger then one. Well, not that one that was born a while ago in China.

The boat frame folded up It looks like an alligator ready to eat my empty Mt. Dew bottle. Ok, so it is late and I am tired.

Folded up PakYak boat frame. The folded frame doesn’t sit that tall for the 12 foot long version of the boat. If I make the stringers longer, the short braces and whatnot will have more of a gap between them in the middle. I would like to make the boat an inch or two wider, but I think I would need to re-figure more then just adding an inch to the length of all the short wooden braces. I think I would need to make the holes in the aluminum farther apart if I want it to fold up tight, and that would make the boat taller, which I don’t want. Hrmm, I will have to think about this one.

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Both halves of the Kayak side by side

Assembled and ready to assemble pieces of the kayak I laid out all the pieces on the ground so I knew where the longer and short stringers went together. I was really confused for a moment, because I was short a stringer, and then I remembered, I had broken one. So I cut a new stringer to size.

Partially assembled Kayak I tried assembling all the little wooden braces to the aluminum braces first. I don’t think this was as easy as bolting all the little aluminum braces to the flat plates, and then bolting them to the angle stock braces. I also think it was easier to bolt the whole thing together folded up like I did for the first half then unfolded like this. I kept fighting the sides that formed the gunwales. They just wanted to bind up on me.

2 completed halves of the boat. Here I have the 2 completed halves on my my Do It Yourself folding Kayak. This second half went together much faster, even though I fought with with assembly more. The first time I wasn’t really sure if it was all going to fit. The second half, I knew it was all going to fit, I just needed to keep taking off pieces and shaving them with the block plane so they fit.

Folded and unfolded halves of the boat. It is pretty amazing that the frame on the left folds up into what you see on the right isn’t it? Once I get the right hardware installed, the frame will fold up tighter. I bought more nuts and bolts tonight, the right kind, lets just hope they are the right size. I think the ones I got will all be too long, but I can fix that with my Dremel and a cutoff wheel. I couldn’t find 5/8ths long flat head screws. So I got 3/4 inch.

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The extra holes are to cut weight, right?

 I got half of the frame assembled tonight. It was getting dark, and I was trying to hurry, and I couldn’t figure out why this thing wasn’t folding very well. I put it down, and the problem jumped right out at me. I drilled one of the aluminum braces incorrectly.

 I was trying to get this piece done before dark last night, and measured my 5 inches from the end hole from the wrong hole. Oohps. That is what I get for hurrying, right?

 The frame assembled with the hole in the right spot makes the frame look right. I have the wrong hardware for assembling the frame. I got pan headed screws instead of flat headed screws. I have to go find the right screws. Once I counter sink where the screws go, and drill in the nuts so they can be pressed into the braces and stringers, this should fold up nice and tight. Lowe’s didn’t have the right screws, or at least, I didn’t see them 10 minutes from closing time when I bought the ones I have. At least nuts and bolts don’t go bad, and you always seem to need some.

 It looks like I am not getting my holes square in the middle and straight. I could either replace the bad pieces, or shave off where they are rubbing. I think I am going to shave them for now. I can always make new braces in the future. I do wish I had a drill press though. I would make a quick jig and I could bang out these holes perfectly so fast. One of these days…

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