Printing tools to make a toybox

I made something to help me make something. If this trend continues, I can see a dangerous chain of events occurring at some far point in the future. A friend of mine and I designed on a napkin (Actually, it may have been a white board, but bear with me) some corner brackets so we can use simple ratchet […]

My RepRap is a handy tool in my tool box

I didn’t realize it until last night, but 1 of my windows wouldn’t lock. I can’t have that! It was a 2nd story window, so not a security issue, but the cold air blows through it. I needed to make a shim for the lock. I happen to have this really cool tool. My 3d […]

More advanced Joomla! Performance tweaks.

I have a love/hate relationship with Joomla!. It’s an awesome tool, it just sucks. My biggest beef with it, is that it’s slow. It renders content on the fly, for every page load. This is cool, if we used some of the more interactive features, but we don’t, so it’s just wasted overhead. Joomla! has […]