Bucket of prunned leavesWell, tonight I had to do it. The tank was slowing growing shut. I had to prune back my plants. You can see the bucket of leaves that I culled of the plants. I went through and found all the yellowing, holey, broken, or otherwise disagreable leaves and mercilessly yanked them off the plants. I think I am tossing out more and better leaves then most pet stores have in their stores. I also added a few iron fertilizer tabs. Ed at Big Al’s recomended them this weekend. I also gave the tank a dose of liquid fertilizer. I think I will try fertilizing 2 times a week instead of just once a week when I top off the tank as I had in the past. The plants quit “boiling” O2, and I am kinda disapointed. I am hoping the fertilizer and the thinning will bring that kind of activity back.

The Angel Fish are at it again! They where in there cleaning up leaves as much as I was! They will clean on the leaves before they lay their eggs on them. I thinned out the largest of the Amazon Swords enough that the Angels are looking to lay eggs on the other side of the tank this time. If I can catch the eggs after they are fertilized, and before they are eaten, I may put them into a breeding net that hangs on the inside of the tank. I found out this weekend that I am going to need a license to sell the babys to the pet store. I am going to see how many babies I get before I think about spending the money for that. Posted by Picasa

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