No time lost – They are at it again!

Momma and Pappa Angel Fish laying their eggsWell, I spoke too soon, they DID pick the leaf on the opposite side of the tank to lay their eggs on. I am going to let this set go unmolested by me to see if they do a better job of guarding the eggs this time. 11 days between spawns. 100 – 150 eggs per spawn. If less then 100 hatch a spawn that is over 3k baby angels in a year. Uhm… No… I can’t afford to feed myself sometimes. I am NOT feeding THOUSANDS of baby angels. They shall be left to their own devices for the time being. Maybe next week I might be more charitable.
Mother Angel Fish watching her eggsThe top photo shows Mom and Dad Angel Fish laying their eggs. The photo to the right is of Mom watching her newly laid eggs.
Angel Fish next to her eggs on live Amazon Sword PlantI really like this third photo. I wish I didn’t have the slightest touch of flash reflection in the upper right, and that her feeler-fin Posted by Picasa

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