Angel Fish Spawning

Angel Fish SpawningTwo of my Angel Fish seem to have paired off. They have been cleaning off the plant leaves for a few days now. With my new light, the plants have been bubbling like mad, driving the poor Angel Fish NUTS trying to keep “their” leif free of “stuff”. The 3rd Angel in the tank, the prettiest, has been shunned to the “full” side of the tank.
Angel Fish SpawningMom, previously known as Nemo because of her missing feeler fin thingy, is at the upper right of this second photo here. Dad took a while to get the picture of what was going on. He was more interested in the food I put in the tank to keep the other fish full enough not to bother the eggs.
I am rather excited about this deveolopment. This tank currently holds the only other fish I ever raised from eggs (even though he was laid and born in my other tank) – my green cory cat. I used up the entire 256MB of my camera’s digital camera. So if you want to see a LOT of photos that look an aweful lot alike, check out the Angel Spawning Photo GalleryPosted by Picasa

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