5 week Aquarium update

My planted aquariumI was looking at my blog today as I was moving it to it’s new home and noticed how small my angel fish looked in the photos. If you compare the photo to the left to the one I took five weeks ago, you will notice how much more full the plants are – really noticable are the ones in back.
Angel FishIt is really difficult to take a good photo of fish – especially when most of your lights are burnt out on the tank. I am down to 1 florescent light that is over a year old. I can’t imagine how well my plants would have grown if I had some decent light for them. Nemo here seems to be growing his little fealer fin thing back, it is about 2 times as long as when I got the fish. What is that thing called? I don’t remember.
Angel FishI really think that live plants really add a lot to the tank. Now if I could only keep the front of the tank clean…. This is a great picture of the best looking of my 3 angels. I love the rich green background color in this photo. The flash realy fell off quickly to leave the background that dark, I guess that big mirrory Angel Fish right in the middle probably really confused the camera. Posted by Picasa

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