Hurricane Wilma Damage, Take Two

Hedge down yet again

Well, Wilma strikes again.

After a long day at work, I nearly get into a car accident pulling into the driveway because the driveway isn’t there anymore. The hedge blew down again. I had to pull up along side of the tree, wait for traffic to clear out, back out into the road, and then drive past the driveway, into the grass, to squeeze the car into the small opening left in the driveway. I think I am riding my bike tomarrow.

Downed Tree

As you can see, the tree fell down over the driveway again. If you close your eyes, mentally prop that thing back up, you would see a really cool hedge arch over the driveway.

Old photos from right after Hurricane Wilma

Heavy Equipment

We had to pull out the heavy equipment in order to prop the hedges up right after Wilma. Here you can see the lift that we used to help tip the hedge back up.

Fancy rope work

Here you see me tying off part of the hedge after we stood it back up. We where hoping that the trees would root themselves back down pretty quickly. I guess they hadn’t.

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