I can across a beaver pond today. It’s pretty amazing how cleanly a rodent can cut down a tree and drag it away into a pond. The only signs of the beaver’s activities are a few stumps, some shavings right around the stumps, and a remarkably small trail to the pond for the size of the trees it was dragging off.

I think this tree is going to be hauled off pretty soon. You can see the beaver already took another tree away in the background.

This was a BIG tree the beaver brought down. Looks to have been done a while ago, maybe a different beaver? The top of the tree had been cut afterwards with a chainsaw as the beaver had dropped this tree into the pond and was covering up a park path. I wonder how hard that fencepost was on the teeth?

The tree in the background is getting quite chewed up. Beavers eat the inner bark of the tree. I wonder if this one fell the wrong way, so it wasn’t dragged to the pond?

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