At my folks

So, I went up to my folks again for the weekend.

Had a good weekend. Picked up some venison sausage from hunting. Helped dad cut some wood for the house.
Tested dad’s new 4-wheeler. He sold the old one as it didn’t have reverse in it. The new one is 4 wheel drive. I pulled some trees out of the ditch and into the driveway so dad could cut them up. We pulled the rewind off to get a peak at the starter as it doesn’t sound quite right. I pulled the transmission plug, and the tranny fluid is white. So, it needs the transmission oil changed.

I saw some pilliated woodpeckers at a friends house.

Dad and I went and got a live Christmas tree. Mom said we needed a real one for the new house.

I got a sheet of plexiglass to use to cover up the windows as they are very drafty. Gonna see how that works.

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