Aquarium Update

Well, I had planted some new plants into my fish tank right before I left for vacation, wished them luck, and left them alone for almost 3 weeks.

I didn’t expect to need to weed my fish tank when I got back!

This is what the tank looked like the day I planted it.

This is the tank 3 days later, notice that the red leaved plants (Narrowleaf Ludwigia) has started to grow a lot already. I also went and tried to train my glossostigma to form a carpet.

Two and a half weeks later. The Narrowleaf Ludwigia grew a phenomenal amount. That green smear in the center is a long hair algae I think. The green on the top is a form of duckweed of some sort. The roots are pretty cool though, they form curlies. My Glosso really took off, it is already too thick to really get to mat down well into a carpet. My Microsword didn’t seem to really take off like I would have liked, but it is probably being shaded out by the Ludwigia.

Here is the tank after some weeding. I have a large bundle of Ludwigia in the back left corner. Kinda shady, but I don’t think it will be staying there long. I tried to push the Glossostigma down, but I don’t think that will stay well, maybe after pushing it down for a couple of weeks I can keep it down.

when I was pruning my Amazon Sword, I noticed the funny shaped stalk pictured above. It looks like it may be flowering soon.

I pointed the camera further up the tank so I can watch the flower stalk. It is in the lower left corner. Lets see if we can get a good time lapse of it growing and flowering.

If anybody wants some plants let me know. I am going to start tossing my culls here in a few weeks it looks like. If you want some cheap plants and are willing to wait until I do my weeding, contact me and we can make arrangements.

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