So tired but can’t sleep

I am tired. I have no clue what time it is. My alarm clock says quarter to twelve, my computer says quarter to eleven. My body agrees with my alarm clock and my cell phone agrees with with my computer. I sync with my alarm clock and my PDA/cell syncs with the PC, so of course that is how the alliances shall lay.

Who Cares

The clock on the wall is no help, the hour and minute hands haven’t moved since my migration to Fort Lauderdale from Boynton Beach, however the second hand happly makes the trip every minute. On top of that, the clock says “Who Cares”…

My aquarium timer is WAYYYyyyyyy back there in the corner

The fish are just as confused as I am. My TV tank light is ran by the timer way back in the corner. It is nearly impossible to reach. I haven’t reset it since the clock change a few weeks ago now. I am too tired to futz with it right now. I won’t think of fixing it later on this week either.

I think the wall clock has cast the deciding vote.

I am still so tired but can’t sleep.

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