Midnight Stroll on the Beach

Facing south from the Oakland Park BlvdI was talking to a friend tonight online about going for walks after dark and I came to realize that I didn’t have any night beach shots. I had laundry I was waiting on before I could go to bed, so I figured I would take a stroll while it was drying.

The moon over the Atlantic OceanTonight it wasn’t raining, and it was a full moon earlier this week. Perfect weather for some night photography. I was really tempted to grab my film SLR, but I don’t think I want to wander around town at night by myself with a $1000 worth of camera gear. The baby digital it is! Batteries where dead, grabbed the other batteries off the charger, those are dead too. I guess I wore my batteries out. I don’t know why, I have only taken something like 3500 photos with them.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale BeachA few guys where hanging out at the park and tried to bum a cigarette off of me. One of these days I am going to try to bum a doller off of somebody that asks me for a smoke. “No, sorry dude, I haven’t had a smoke in days. Do you got a dollar for a bus fare?” To bad I could never try it. Oh well, if any of you try it, let me know how it turns out.

Downtown Fort Lauderdale BeachWell, it is well into tomarrow already and my laundry is done. So I best be to bed! Posted by Picasa

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