Hawking Technologies USB 804.11G wireless adapter.

A friend of mine was looking for a Wireless card for her computer. I saw this at CompUSA and recomended it to her. She hasn’t picked it up yet, but when she does I will report here how well it worked for her.

I think I want one of these. The USB form factor is really nice, no cracking a case and using up a PCI slot. I like how it has a removeable (and extendable) antenna. I also think that the 2 inches that the length of the USB moves the antenna away from the computer case would probably help with interference. You could also plug the USB devise into a hub or at the end of an extension cable to optimize location for reception. All in all, I like it. Now if they would only add a gig of memory to the device, and install the drivers right on the unit.

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