The Run Around

So, I got my DSL modem today from AT&T.

Great. I bring it home and try to install the software. 3 reboots later, it finally actually installs instead of hanging part way through.

So, now I have in installed modem, and no internet connectivity.

I look at the paperwork. It is supposed to be turned on on the 21st. WTF? They charged me $12.95 to 2nd day deliver the modem, just to have me sit on my thumb for 6 days?

I don’t think so.

So I call the support number that came with the modem.
Nice guy answers the phone. Looks up my account. It’s still in process. I need to talk to provisioning.

I can understand this. I am a reasonable person.

So, he gives me a 800 number incase I get disconnected, and transfers me.

OK – a PHONE COMPANY gives you a number in case you get disconnected using their product? Not a good sign.

Anyway. I get a nice gal on the phone. She says that I am not in the right place, and gives me a 3rd phone number to call, and transfers me.

Right, so the computer gives me a 4th number to call, and asks me for the same information I have told the computer twice before, and to the first person. Then, it tells me it’s much to busy for me and to call back at it’s convenience, giving me 10-11am and 1-3pm. Then it hangs up.


Start over. 15 minutes more on the phone, I follow a similar path, to again be told that the computer is too busy for me, call back. CLICK.

OK, so after 6 phone calls (I am nearly as stubbern as a computer), I find the right path to get to the rude computer.

1-888-611-4466, dsl, service.

Computer is too busy for me. Click.

OK, at this point I either want to have somebody tell me they are going to connect my DSL THIS WEEK being that they charged me for 2nd day delivery, or to give a partial shipping refund for a REASONABLE shipping method to match THIER time frame for turning service on.


Not a good first impression AT&T. I am really having 2nd thoughts about getting a iPhone if your service is this shitty.

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