Cutting in the mortise.

Drilling a pilot hole for a mortise wood joint Not being sure how to do the corners of a mortise and keeping things clean, I thought I would drill pilot holes. This should keep my chisel cuts from “running” down the wood beyond where I am cutting, and give me a gauge of how deep I need to go. I can’t really get them all that straight with a hand drill, well at least not as straight as I would like.

Starting to cut the mortise wood joint with a chisel I traced the edges with my chisel as was suggested. I see I need to get a new chisel. My one real chisel is too big, and the biggest one from my el-cheapo woodcarving set just isn’t up to the job.

A wood mortise I cut this down as deep as my little chisel can reach. It looks pretty good.

Mortise and Tenon wood joint. Not quite deep enough, but look, it fits together! Now, I only need to make 24 of these without messing up!

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