Cutting the 2nd set of tenons on my table saw.

OK, so I got lazy. I wasn’t happy with the depth not being quite right with my tenons when I did them by hand. I have this new table saw sitting right inside my front door, I just as well use it, right?
Tenon cut on a table saw I cut the tenons using the miter guage and the rip fence. The Rip fence was set to the depth of the tenon, and the blade was set for what needed to be cut off as far is thickness. I then put the cross member against the miter guage, and cut the tenon about 10 times each side. I just move the board away from the fence an eight of an inch each cut.

6 cross members tenon cut on a table saw These are all much more consistant in size now. I used my chisel to clean up any rough spots or little thin pieces of wood I missed with the saw.

ready to assemble this book case. I cut all the tenons tonight, glued, and rope-clamped the 2nd half of the shelving support tonight.

 Here are the two halves leaning against each other. Doesn’t look like a bookshelf does it. This 2nd unit has twist in it too, the opposite direction of the one I glued up last night. So it is sitting out to dry blocked up to flex it the other way. I hope they come out square with each other.

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