I broke my boat!

I got a little bit rough with the kayak frame tonight. Grabbing it by one end and pushing and dragging it around while I am trying to work on it.
Broken Kayak Stringer One of the side stringers broke in the middle of the boat. There was a void in one of the plys and it snapped right there. It didn’t like being bent sideways. It is strong enough the thick way, which is how the water will apply pressure for the most part.

Broken Kayak frame Yep, it’s broken! Right in half…

Taped up Kayak Frame I think a little tape will fix it up! Well at least enough that I can fold the boat up for the night. I will cut a new stringer tomorrow.

Tape on a wooden stringer It isn’t duct tape, but I think it will hold.

I was thinking about stretching the center of the boat out maybe 2-4 inches in each of the stringers. This should give me just enough leg room to be able to use the boat. Then I remembered, I had already cut the 2 foot long pieces for the coaming, and the longer cockpit would need longer pieces! Oh well, next boat I guess.

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