Measure Twice, Cut Once

Or… I have cut it 3 times and it is STILL too short!
Roller stands can be handy Here I have the wood all set up on my handy table saw rollers that I also use as saw horses – at least for picking stuff up so I don’t have to always bend to reach it.

Sorted wood being measured before cutting I have picked out the straightest 4 peices and faced them all best side down like my dad taught me. I will mark the worst side and cut the mortices into the bad side too.

2 pieces of wood cut, two left to cut. The Jigsaw is handy, so I cut off the ends that are wanting to twist the worst. I half expect to have this stuff to twist itself up into pretzels before I am finished. Maybe if I hurry I can get it built and some weight on it before it gets too bad. I know I won’t be painting it until I move as it is pretty wet still.

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