Bookcase with shelves installed.

 Front view of the book case with all the shelves installed. It is pretty sturdy. I can grab the top shelf and pick myself off the ground. I think that a small child or a cat could climb this shelf without risk of it falling over it is so deep. It wants to wiggle though. It is very stiff front to back and side to side, but it will twist a little bit if you walk into the corner. It is actually kinda funny, it acts like it is ticklish. I don’t think it will twist itself apart. Having 2 frames with longer shelves, like what I saw at the store, there wouldn’t be any worry about the twist.

 Looking at the shelving from the back corner.

 I had originally thought to use the shelves like this, but when I waled around it and about poked an eye out on a corner, I changed my mind.

 Hey, it looks pretty good sitting there. I used to have my gray tub of bedclothes, my firesafe film vault, and a large box of food sitting where the shelf is now at.
I need to sand and paint the frame. I will do that when I move I guess. I think my electric sander is in a box in a friend’s garage. I am going to caulk the seems with paintable caulk so I don’t have any obvious joints when it’s all done. I think it will look nice.

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