Construction Details for Red Oak Bookcase

I marked the radius for the curved corner with a piece of jute twine and an old sharpie marker. I tied the twine to the top and bottom of the marker so that I held the pen a consistent up and down.

Here you can see where I have made the mark for the radius to cut with my jigsaw. I measured the width of the board with the string, used that distance away from the mark for the total length of the shelf, and drew the curve for the cut line.

Because I want these shelves to sit flush to the wall, I am recessing in the mounting hardware. This Red Oak for the shelves is kinda hard to work with using a chisel. It cuts a lot different then the pine I have chiseled in the past.

As you can see, the hardware mounts flush with the back of the shelf.

I have 3 of these shelves cut, chiseled, sanded and stained. I also have polyurethaned one side of these 3 shelves. I have also cut the remaining 4 shelves, I need to yet chisel out the notches for the hardware, sand, stain, and urethane the shelves.
I hope to get the shelving finished and hung this weekend so I can start putting my books on them later this next week.

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