Bedroom Red Oak Floating Bookshelf with Curved Front

I need to make some book shelves to put all of my books.

I think the best place to put some shelves would be along this wall here, in my bedroom. it is otherwise unusable space. Some shelving would be perfect here.

I came up with an interesting idea for the shelves. They will be attached directly to the wall, no sides or back to the shelves. I will also curve the corner pointed out into the room so I don’t jam my leg or stomach in the middle of the night walking past them to go to the bathroom. I also thought it would be neat to ‘step’ the top several shelves back. I am hoping this turns out to be as neat in real life as it is in my head. We shall see, right?

Here you can see the step idea, I have 3 more shelves, the same size as the bottom shelf.

Here are the shelves after I have added a coat of Minwax Red Oak stain. The shelves are themselves made out of 1×8 Red Oak, so the stain really looks good. I am letting them dry on my clothes dryer rack. This seemed to work pretty well.

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