Red Oak Bookshelves

 Well, I got a chance to basically finish up my shelves this weekend. I had a BFO and used my drill press to drill the pilot holes for the brackets into the shelves.
 Brother and Sister decided that they wanted to help hang the shelves! Brother felt he could best help by climbing in this here bag under the shelves, and Sister decided that she was best put to use by keeping him in the bag.

 Here is the shelving looking from the bedroom into the living room. The top shelves are level front to back as I still need to add a false stud into the wall so I have something to screw the brackets to.

 Here is the view from the living room into the bedroom. I like how the shelves ‘fade’ back as they go up. I was worried about how it would look, but I think it turned out ok. It emphasizes that the shelves are just floating there on the wall.

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