Home made Red Oak Book Shelves for my bedroom

Here is the first shelf I had finished. I had to put a piece of backing board behind the short wall to support that end. luckily that section of wall was accessible from the inside of the closet.

I leveled the shelves up, side to side, and also along the wall, the curved corner dips about an eighth of an inch as for some reason, when I tighten the metal brackets down, the shelves wanted to have the outside edege about a half an inch lower than the wall side. I haven’t figured out why. I tipped the shelves back level when I screwed the bracket on the short side to the wall.

I had a lot of trouble shearing off the screws mounting the hardware to the red oak shelves. I ended up drilling the hole 1 drill bit size larger, and soaping the screws before I put them in.

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