DIY Silent Pellet Trap for .22 cal Spring Piston Air Rifle

I picked up a Diana RWS 34 Panther Spring Air Pellet Rifle.
I wanted to make a safe and silent home made pellet trap. I bit of searching online found what I need. Use Plumbers Putty as ballistic putty. A couple inches of this will stop pellets from an air rifle.

Parts to make DIY Silent Pellet Trap - plumbers putty, metal pan, and cat to tell me I am doing it wrong

So, I wandered over to Lowes to pick up some plumbers putty. They where out. I drove to Home Depot. They had some in stock. I bought all five 5 pound buckets that they had. There was a run on Plumbers Putty in Lakeland that night!

25 pounds of plumbers putty for the Homemade Silent Pellet Trap

So anyway, I also picked up a galvanized metal tray to put it in.

Measuring how deep the pellets go into my homemade Silent Pellet Trap

Here you can see what 5 shots look like. They penetrate about an inch and a half. They are stopped with less noise then the pellet rifle makes firing the pellet.

mushroomed .22 cal pellet Before and After shooting into the homemade silent pellet trap

Here you can see what a pellet looks like when it was caught by this pellet trap.

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  1. I’ve been looking to build an indoor shooting rig and this fits the bill just right. MUCH quieter than my steel pellet trap.

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