Drawing a BB8 hooded sweatshirt.

A month ago or so I found a gray Star Wars hooded sweatshirt at Walmart. A couple of weeks ago, I decided I wanted to draw BB8 onto it. This weekend I found the markers & paints I wanted to try, and gave it a go.

I used parts for a 3d printer I am building – a projector and a Raspberry Pi tiny computer – to project an image onto the sweatshirt. I than traced the image with the markers.

I used metallic gold, silver, & bronze Sharpie markers for most of the drawing as well as a black fabric marker for the dark details. I didn’t want to use a black sharpie as I felt it would be too dark – they are too good.

I am really liking the soft effect. It looks good at a distance, but up close you kind of lose the drawing visually. After some wearing and a wash, it should be pretty subtle.

I want to add some more details. The different round ports going up one sleeve. I also need to do something on the back. I am thinking some sort of exploded view or more technical drawing. I just haven’t decided what I want yet. The other sleeve will get the morse code alphabet or something as the droids ‘speak’ in beeps and whistles.

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