Adventures of a door.

Over the last few weeks, my front door has gotten a little blue.

I think it turned out pretty good. My wife picked out the color, I just applied the paint. I don't think she realized that I am going to get some white letters for above the door and label the door "Police call box".

Having seen all the kids and junk I've crammed inside, it is indeed bigger on the inside than it would appear.

In album 5/24/16

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  1. I am not keen on the photo posting process in G+ since they separated the photos out of it.

    I have yet to find an easy way to post a well-captioned set of photos like how I used to be able to do.

  2. Totally agree on the picture workflow … another huge loss, before all my ages from glass would upload, get auto-enhanced, and be immediately available to d/l as bundles of processed images to use in documents.

    now it's a chore just to get them, they're no longer processed some are dark others light, my workflow has come to a slow halt and quality of processing is diminished, lots of square pegs that don't fit small business round holes.

    the saving grace is gapps for business, it's very good, as well as a great value !

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