Unbreakable Spiked Caster Cups

 I bought a package of these unbreakable spiked caster cups that won’t crush rugs or carpets to go under my shelves. I knew that I am putting a lot of weight down onto a small area of surface area and it would take forever to knock the divits out of the carpet.

 I had to cut a corner of two of the casters off where the shelf sat tight against the wall.

 Here you see that with a corner cut off, I can put the shelf tight against the moulding.

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  1. how did the it end up comparing to the store-bought target one – praice wise that is? how much did the creation cost from beginning to start. really nice project btw, was just curious if it also saved you some, not only was fun to do.

  2. Price wise, it was a lot less then a wooden shelf from a big store. It is also a totally different beast as far as shelving goes.

    I have since bought 3 large metal shelves for $60 each – about the same money is I built my shelf for.

    I still have the shelf I made, happily holding stuff in one of my closets.

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