Bedframe basically complete.

You would think that 07 07 07 would be a lucky day, right? Katy has a terrible headache today, so I can’t do ANYTHING right. I tried to make her supper, but I was out of eggs, I went to Taco Bell as my backup plan, but their card reader was down. I cut out, over the curb to get out of the drive through as I was parked in and bottomed out my truck on the curb. I don’t see any damage to the underside though. So I guess it is all good. I learned that I can drive over a taller then normal curb with my truck, but I really shouldn’t.

 Anyway, back to the topic on hand… Here I am cutting the notches into the 2x4s for the 1×12 planks can sit flush with the top of the 2×4 stringers. THese are my new saw-horses. The jury is still out on them, but so far, they are looking good. How do you like my high-tech push-stick sitting on the saw?

 Fancy, eh? I didn’t even cut my fingers!

 The finished product. The planks all set flush, they don’t slide around. There is no sqeaking as I walk across the bed. It supports my weight pretty well. All in all, I am happy! I am going to cut the legs tomorrow and put the bed into the bedroom.

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