Fish tanks

I realized tonight, that I hadn’t shown recent photos of my fish tanks.
A buddy of mine gave me a 75 gallon tank. I cleaned it up a bit, got the water spots and salt stains off of it. I have 1 Jack Dempsy in it. The other one I got with the tank lasted about a week, died when I was in Florida sometime. It was on borrowed time, as my friend figured it wouldn’t have made this last Christmas, much less this far into this year.

The big tank is in the living room. It kinda dominates the room, but not too much so I hope. It’s used as a resting place for some decorations. Looks pretty good, to me.

I actually bought some fish recently. I Pleco, 3 Kuhli loaches, and a dozen ghost shrimp. The pleco looks happy as a clam, with that big piece of driftwood. The Kuhlis are contantly free-swimming about the tank. Pretty rare, to have them swimming around like that. They are even starting to eat from the surface.
A close up of 2 of my kulis. I love this little buggers for some reason. Way too snake like, but so much fun just the same.

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