My Jack Dempsy Fish

Jack Dempsey at night - the only time I saw her When my friend gave me his 75 and 45 gallon fish tanks, he gave me two Jack Dempseys as well. The one was in really bad shape, and lasted about 2 weeks after the move. The one that remained went nocturnal on me. She always hid in the castle ornamentation in the tank, and would only come out at night. I finally trained her to come out when I was awake by only feeding her when I actually saw her.
This was kinda disappointing, because there is this HUGE fish tank in the middle of the room, and no fish in it, as she was always hiding.

I actually get to see her now.

Jack Dempsey She got moved yesterday into the 45 gallon tank. No hidey holes for her, poor girl. Much less light though – just the ambient light coming off the plant stand that the tank sits next to.

Jack Dempsey 

Jack Dempsey from above 

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