Black light in the living room tank.

I added a black light to the living room 75 gallon aquarium tonight. I had the top of the tank cleared off so I could route longer drain tubing and zip-tie it into the tank so I suffer no more floods.
Here I am adding water twcie at the max rate just to test the flow capacity of the Weir Siphon Overflow Box. It can handle the flow. It wants to ‘flush’, which is kinda funny. Fills up the overflow box, quits sucking air, then nice full flow to drain. The two exhuasts took turns on flushing. It looked like a cow getting milked, first one tube, then the other would have lots of water just POOR out.
Half of the missing water has been put back into the tank. Takes a while to fill it up 3 gallons at a time. I could break out the Python and do it that way, but I don’t have the stick on thermometers to match the sink temp to the tank temp. I just do a 3 gallon bucket a day. Let it warm up to room temp and then poor it in.
Black light fish tanks don’t photo to well. you can see the ziptie holding the 2 exhaust tubes from the overflow box for the 4″x4″x4′ tank sitting on top of the big tank. It’s just setting there, full, for the night. No water being pumped in. Trying to leak-test it for a few days before I trust it enough to try again.

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