Almelund Threshing Show

This weekend I went to the Almelund Threshing Show in Almelund Minnesota with my folks. We wandered around the swap meet, Dad found a pool light for his shop that he just loves. I actually didn’t buy anything. Surprise of surprises. I ate a Buffalo Bratwurst for lunch. It was really good.

A donkey and rider directing trafic Parking was in a field, as is usual for events like this. There was a real ass directing traffic at the front gate. One of the other parking attendants was stubborn as a mule. (sorry, I love these types of puns)

Old Case Steam Tractor hooked up to a sawmill One of the coolest things is the steam tractors & a working sawmill.

They even had a scale replica sawmill running.

An old Waterloo Boy tractor that runs on kerosene There where piles of old tractors, such as this Waterloo Boy.

There was a stagecoach giving rides around the grounds. My sunglasses fell on the ground and the driver stopped the horses inches from them stepping on the glasses. Nice guy!
We where in a building, and herd the driver yelling at his horses outside, so quick went out to see what’s up. At first I thought they had broke out of harness. He was just demonstrating his horsemanship. It was an impressive show.

An orange Studebaker custom truck There were even a few cool old cars intermixed with the tractor goodness.

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  1. I have been to the Almelund Threshing show. Great family fun. They have a website you can go to.
    My Dad won the raffle tractor a few years back. They raffle off one every year. The guy that restores the raffle tractor has a cool website also.

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