Android phone quite updating… again… Fixed!

My 2nd Samsung Moment Android Phone quit updating the android apps in the market again. I click update, and it says “Download Failed” or was it “Installation Unsuccessful”? I can’t remember, one of the two. I hadn’t seen this on the ‘new’ phone, which is an ebay replacement of my original which had a worn out usb port so it wouldn’t charge.

I tried to clear the app cache. From home screen, click on the Menu button, select Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications. Then Click on the Menu again Filter -> All. Scroll Down to the Market entry and click Clear Cache.

No Dice.

Then I did the above, clearing the cache, then clicking force quit, then immediately restarting the phone.

We have a winner! The market can now update apps again!

I don’t know if force quiting the app is required, but the option is right there.

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