I doubled the sump space in my aquaponics rig today.

There is an outlet right behind the sumps that got wet and shorted out a year ago. I've basically had the basement electrical turned off for over a year because I've been to lazy to dig the outlet out and swap it. It really ought to be a GFCI, but I didn't think about going and getting one out of the garage until just now, and now I've buried it again. It would be a pain to re-set anyhow. I will make a plastic splash shield for it to keep it dry. I will install and GFCI 1 outlet 'upstream' so it's protected when I think about it again. No need juicing myself or Bella.

As long as the sump was drained and moved, I emptied clothes out of a matching tote and set up a pair of sumps to increase the water volume of this system by 33% or so.

In album

Using a heat blanket to bend a piece of 1.25 inch PVC pipe for a siphon water bridge.

The water bridge is a simple siphon tube that keeps the water level the same between the two totes I am using for a sump. There is a pump in the right tote and water drains into both of them about evenly.

The siphon water bridge. I oversize all non-powered water lines so that they can keep up with those under power – pumps can move a lot of water in small lines. Gravity is much more leisurely.

There are now 3 siphons in this aquaponics setup. Water flows from the sumps up to the grow bed on top of the aquarium where a bell siphon drains the grow bed to the aquarium. The aquarium has a siphon to a overflow box that drains to a wicking grow bed. Then there is the leveling siphon between the two sumps.

I think this looks pretty cool. The two sumps with the plants growing out over them.

Clockwise from top left: Aloe, ficus, jade, some weird zig-zag plant, spider plant, geranium, spider fern, some hen&chicks or similar, and two barely hanging on African violets.


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