Steak and potato omelet for lunch today

Katie and I talked about this last night after dinner looking at the left over pieces of boneless beef ribs. So after I woke the girls up swapping out electrical outlets and switches this morning, I made them breakfast for lunch. I had to make good on getting them up early (10:45).

In album

Onion, potatoe, green pepper, Boneless beef ribs & mushrooms

I add water to my eggs and cover them. The water steams the top and you can get thick, fluffy eggs without flipping them and they are cooked through.

Golden brown and delicious. Fold in half to show how thick they get.

Cheese… you can never haven enough cheese… mozzarella on the inside for stringy deliciousness and Cheddar on top for tasty color

Steak & Tater omlett


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