I'd ran out of bookshelf space in the Library (AKA the stupid room due to it's…

I'd ran out of bookshelf space in the Library (AKA the stupid room due to it's small size and 2 doors) a long time ago even though there are 4 book shelves in it, many with my bookshelf risers < http://mike.creuzer.com/?s=bookshelf+riser >. So yesterday I started to make an additional shelf set. This new shelf wraps around the library above the window and doors.

I counted the books on the new shelf. 100 books down the long side, and 55 more on the short side, ignoring the half a dozen hidden in the corner, so the shelf holds 155 paperback books.

Not to bad for a mishmashed set of 3 different shelf brackets that may be as old as I am and leftover wood from making the Pantry < http://mike.creuzer.com/on/kitchen-pantry >

In album

The short leg on the shelf bracket is too long for what I want to do with it. So I needed to cut it off.

It’s not as simple as just cutting off the end with a tin snips. The ridge, which gives the bracket its strength, needs to be flattened. Here, I marked where I need to flatten the ridge to with a mild blow with my hammer.

You can see that the ridge is flattened out. The metal needs to go somewhere, so it gets all funny shaped.

Easiest way to ‘mark’ the right height is to line it up and snip it off with the tin snips.

These are all cut to size.

A hole needs to be drilled in the flat part of each one.

Cleaning up the burred edges from cutting.

They get a coat of paint to match the walls in the Library.

Testing for height. Looking good. Now to notch the shelf for the window frame.

This corner turned out totally different than I had planned, but I like it. I had some fancy 45 degree angle concept that would wrap the book’s spines around the corner to make it look fancy. This works too.


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