My 2nd print was a stand for my mom's Kindle Fire

I wanted to show them the printer and how it could actually be useful.

Granted, 5 minutes in the wood shop would have made something just as functional as opposed to over an hour to print this out.

It took me 4 tries before I got the first layer right. My print bed is dished as I don't have a glass surface yet and I was having a hard time finding a Z enstop location that worked across the print area.

Print Notes
PLA 3mm natural
extrusion 185C 30mm/s parims 60mm/s infill
retraction 1mm 30mm/s
bed 60C
slic3r 0.7 pronterface 0.7e sprinter

It was recommended that I drop my extrusion temp by about 10 degrees and the retraction rate by 10mm/s.

In album

Printing a 2 part item for my 2nd print. This is about 2/3rds of the way completed.

The finished parts.

The dark lines in the print are from me marking the filament with a sharpie so I could gauge feed rate.

The stand works! Probably would look nicer in black PLA, but all I have is natural at the moment.


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