Printed out a set of Catan board pieces

I started to hand forge a set a while back, and then machine the bases on my UNImat but this is so much easier.

Wiggle my fingers a little bit, and out comes It doesn't get any easier!

These are printed in natural PLA at .2mm layer height with .2 infil. 3 solid layers and perimeters. A fan blowing pretty good on them so they have nice clean tops. Looks pretty good!

I set up a live video feed of my printer at so I could monitor the build from upstairs on the computer in the kitchen. I can't seem to get a view working from my android phone.

In album

The city pieces on the print bed.

One full set. They need to be cleaned up yet, bits of tape removed, bubbly edges filed down. Probably take me less than 10 minutes to make all of these look near perfect.

Settlements on the print bed with a pile of the roads (done in 2 print sessions)

Settlement popped loose and presented so you can see how nice they look.


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