I picked up a new 'backpack' this weekend

227 grams, without the two dinky water bottles it came with.

It's going to be challenging to get a 3 day trek into this itty bitty waist bag. Warm weather trips only.

My last weekend trek last fall, water became a problem, so this is probably a bit water-focused.

I am making 2 leather pouches for the Sawyer Squeeze Mini water filter and the cleaning syringe. One tucked into each side next to the water bottles. I cut the 'straw' down so it fits inside the back of the syringe handle. The squeeze bag fits inside the pack.

The kids are getting the half liter water bottles that came with this bag. I am replacing them with larger bottles. The silver bottle pictured will likely be my Berky Sports bottle once I find it. The green bottle in the black sleeve has a soup can it is nested with for a cook pot.

I am making a new 8.5' square tarp out of a window insulation kit. This will eat up the bulk of the pack. Cordage to pitch the tarp are 25' and 10 foot pieces of Amsteel Blue (silver colored) wrapped around the outside of the pack and held on with a soft shackle. Also will have several lengths of braided mason line.

Other items include:
A SOL 1-2 person space blanket or two for sleeping.
A disposable clear rain poncho in case it rains.
A bug head net.
2 citronella tea light candles.
My new LED headlamp with the 3d printed red lens.
A norwex towl (my wife can't stand the feeling of them).
A long sleeve polyester shirt.

I need to make a 'repair kit' with neosporin, tape, a needle and thread, a bit of wire and the like. Stuff to keep me and my gear walking.

Sticking it all on a scale at the moment, 1610g or 3.5 lbs.

What am I missing for packing out my new 'bag'?

In album 2014-05-26

My new waist bag. I like the color and that it can hold 2 water bottles. I have some amsteel rope wrapped around it. I am making a pair of leather pouches for holding the Sawyer Squeeze Mini water filter parts.

The leather pouch on the right side will be added and a mate to it on the other side.

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  1. +Mike Creuzer I was just catching up on the community since I had been out of town and came across this post. It reminds me of a story from my first days sailing with my late father-in-law.
    I begged him to let me race with him to Mexico. Finally, he very reluctantly agreed, admonishing me to pack light. I got off the plane with a teardrop style backpack and we got in his car and drove to his home. The next two days we spent prepping the boat, and then is was time to step aboard for the five day round trip. 
    The other two members of the crew each got on with a carryon and heavy foul weather gear. I stepped on with a waist pack almost identical to yours. My FIL said "Where's the rest of your stuff? We don't have time to go back to the house."
    "This is all my stuff, Bill."
    "Oh. This is bad. You don't even have a change of clothes," he replied.
    "Sure I do. Two actually. And a GPS, and a space blanket, and … and … and …"
    "All that is in there?" he asked.
    "You told me to pack light. I'm a Marine. I was actually ready to dump the two bottle pockets. Why do the rest of you have so much?"
    To the day he died, he loved telling other yachters  that story.

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