Engagement Photo Slide Show

I uploaded a bunch of photos tonight. Katie loves photos, so online they go!

We worked on our invitations a bit while at my parents. We have the rough idea worked out. Now to find the right papers, and put it all together.

If It’s not likely that either of us has your address, please send it so we can get you an inviation!

She said Yes!

So, as many of you may know, Katie and I have been planning a wedding since Thanksgiving.

Due to that whole geography thing, I couldn’t properly propose to her. I had found the perfect ring and everything!

Well, Katie’s Awesome Sister and Perfect Brother in law called last Thursday. They where going to go on a road trip, and invited Katie along. Well, how most half formed plans do, they changed. A Lot! Long story short, Katie, Angie, and Brian ended up at my place on Sunday morning.

Rental car, 20 hours of driving, lots of coffee, and a bit of sneakery too.

You see, Katie was told that her ring wasn’t finished. Which is true, it’s not. But that didn’t stop her family from stepping up to the plate, and shuffling the ring through nearly half a dozen family members to get the ring sized and delivered to me on the car ride up. Unbeknown to Katie.

On Tuesday, in the middle of a snow covered field, in near blizzard conditions, I hit one knee and popped the question. She was quite surprised when I produced the ring!

Now, Katie has her ring 3 months before the wedding, and not 3 days before the wedding. She will have to relinquish it for a few hours/days to be finished before the wedding. But, I think if she is nice, the jeweler will allow her to watch, or maybe even help, so it never has to leave her sight.

Well, during all of this, I kinda sorta failed to mention that Katie was in town to my Mom. When I show up at my parent’s place on Christmas Eve, let me tell you, mother was quite excited! In trying to keep Katie being in town a surprise for my mom, I couldn’t blog the big news. So, I am finally getting to it this morning.

I give my sincerest thanks to my future family make all of this work out!

Well, you all should know by now how much I love photos – I love taking them about as much as Katie likes looking at them. So, here are some photos.

Katie Peterson
A photo of Katie, just because I know how much she loves photos of her, and that I can get away with it this once!

Katie and I in front of my parent's fireplace
Katie and I in front of my parent’s fireplace.

Katie's Engagement Ring
Katie’s ring.

Katie's Ring
And because, she just can’t stop looking at it. Her ring again.

Rerouting the dryer exhaust into the room.

I rerouted the dryer exhaust into my bedroom so that when I dry my clothes, I don’t blow all that expensive heat out the side of the building.

I put up that window film last night, and am trying to keep the apartment as energy efficient as a 30 year old building who’s owners don’t give a rats ass about heating and cooling costs can be.

Shoveling my way to work.

So, this morning, on my way to work, I had to walk down the street. We got 5 inches of snow last night, and the sidewalks haven’t been shoveled, and the plows pushed all the snow onto them.

So, I grabbed the shovel at the office on the way home for lunch and shoveled my way home. I had lunch, and shoveled my way back to work. I cut through 5 snowbanks. The deepest one, up to my elbows.

During lunch, my apartment complex shoveled the sidewalks. They do it with a 4wheeler with a plow. Works great. Except that they don’t plow the sidewalk on my way to work. No biggy, I understand, that they are WAY to busy to shovel the sidewalk that only a few dozen residents use on any given day to get to the bus stop, to Pop’s Pantry, or to work like me. I had just shoveled through the snowbank, and the SOB pushes his snow right into my path I had made. I didn’t make a spot for him to push his snow, I made a spot so I can get to work.

At my folks

So, I went up to my folks again for the weekend.

Had a good weekend. Picked up some venison sausage from hunting. Helped dad cut some wood for the house.
Tested dad’s new 4-wheeler. He sold the old one as it didn’t have reverse in it. The new one is 4 wheel drive. I pulled some trees out of the ditch and into the driveway so dad could cut them up. We pulled the rewind off to get a peak at the starter as it doesn’t sound quite right. I pulled the transmission plug, and the tranny fluid is white. So, it needs the transmission oil changed.

I saw some pilliated woodpeckers at a friends house.

Dad and I went and got a live Christmas tree. Mom said we needed a real one for the new house.

I got a sheet of plexiglass to use to cover up the windows as they are very drafty. Gonna see how that works.