Pantry Pizza

Tonight, I just felt in the mood for Pizza. It’s raining out, my wife has the Trucklet, and I just felt like pizza.

I call tonight’s creation Pantry Pizza, well, because, I got it out of the pantry. Kinda an odd place to keep a pizza I know, but, it is what it is.
Lot’s of good stuff in this pizza! Whole wheat flour, olives, mushrooms, and… could it be… Secret Ingredient #3? Yes! Corned Beef! I coulda made BBQ Chicken Pantry Pizza, or Pepporoni Pantry Pizza, or Beef Summer Sausage Pantry Pizza or Genoa Salami Pantry Pizza or even Dried Beef Pantry Pizza (not doing Tuna Fish Pantry Pizza, sorry), but tonight I went with the Corned Beef. A most excellent choice!

I even had bell peppers on this pizza! I put some dehydrated bell peppers in a bowl of warm water to re-hydrate. I was quite impressed with them after I fried them up a little bit.

I sauteed most of the onions, putting some raw ones right in the sauce for a bit of variety. I love garlic, so it got browned a bit in my cast iron pan. (actually, it’s the lid to my dutch oven, but don’t tell it that, you would break it’s little cast iron heart!)

Lots of good stuff in the sauce. It turned out very good, if a bit acidic. I added more sugar then this to it, but it ended up a tad sweet but acidic. Any suggestions on de-acidifying tomatoes from a can?

Hmm… Corned Beef! Mushrooms and bell peppers too!!!

The pizza crust looks yummy, doesn’t it? The extra got tossed in the freezer for another day. The dough is half “white wheat” flour and half unbleached all purpose flour. I think I am a big fan of this white-wheat flour.

The toppings look all nice and tastey, don’t they?

Don’t let my wife tell you I make a mess in the kitchen, it is simply true! My cheese exploded all over the counter and floor. I think this was my penance for using something from the fridge and not the pantry. There aren’t many pantry-stable cheeses I would want to eat. I do wish I had a good root cellar, or cheese aging cave, but that’s for a different reality – one where I am not making pantry pizza, so it’s kinda defeating the purpose anyhow.

That crust looks pretty good after being blind baked, doesn’t it? I don’t have a batch of blind baking beans (they ended up in a neck hot-pad), so it’s kinda bubbly in the middle. I have a pizza stone I just leave in the oven all the time, so this got baked off on the stone.

That’s some darn good looking sauce! The chunks make it a bit difficult to swirl around evenly, but the taste more then makes up for it!

Full toppings, ready for some cheese!

And the final product! 1 perfect pantry pizza! 2 out of 2 people said it’s the best pizza they had all day. One person even said it’s good pizza even though they don’t like pizza.

Anybody want the leftovers? It’s more then I can eat!

New Pen Zebra F-301 Compact

I read about pens that are shorter then normal when closed. I wanted one. I found one at Walmart on Saterday – well, a 2 pack.

You can see how it’s a little shorter then normal when closed (on the bottom in the photo) so it will fit in my pocket better.

Here, you can see how the pen cap is very long, and the pen goes deep into it.

I took the belt clip off, and wrapped the cap barrel with a length of duct tape. i love carrying duct tape with me every where I go. Handy stuff!

The tape doesn’t interfere with writing.

New Flashlight – NEBO AT09J

(FYI, I have a flashlight fetish, just so you know)

I’ve carried a little pen flashlight around in my pocket for a while now (on the right in the photo). I keep a few feet of duct tape wrapped around it.

I’ve been happy with it for what it is. A cheap LED flash-light that I always have on my person. It takes a AAA battery, which has lasted for a year now maybe?

It’s good for a few feet – 5-10 feet. Great for finding stuff in the dark, making sure I don’t trip and fall at night, etc. It won’t reach across the warehouse at work though, so I can’t make sure nobody is in there when I lock up at night if I am the last one there.

I found a new flashlight Sunday that looks pretty good. It was $10, so not cheap, but not expensive either. It’s all metal construction with o-rings, so it should be pretty water resistant. It takes a AA battery, so it’s easy to replace the battery.
It said it’s 35 lumens, and it’s MUCH brighter then my old one. It’s shorter, but wider, so it will fit in my pocket a little better.

The power button is recessed in the end, which is good, it’s less likely to get turned on while in my pocket. The button is glow in the dark, which is kinda funny, because it needs light to charge. Oh well.

The one thing with this light, is that it is too short for wrapping duct tape around it. The rubber middle can slide off, and that looks to be the same size as electrical tape, so I may wrap a few feet of electrical tape around it. It will work the same as the rubber grip, and be more useful.

Free Wifi

When I was vacationing in Florida, I saw that the state is offering Free WiFi in it’s rest areas.

They have these trailers that they pull in and park on the premises. They look pretty slick. Generator, satellite dish, telescoping antenna, etc.

I guess this is who makes the trailers.

it looks like the antenna can get cranked up 4-5 times higher then it currently is sitting.

My new knife: Buck Knives – Vantage™ – Select Small

While on vacation in Florida, my “souvenir” of the trip was a new pocket knife. I had broke my old one months ago – this spring actually.

I picked a ~$30 Buck Knife even though the place had some really nice Benchmade knifes. I can stand loosing a $30 knife a lot more then a $130 knife.

I picked this one for several reasons even though it’s really 1 finger short for my hand.

It can be opened with one hand. This one is cool because it can be done either with the notch cut in the back of the blade as well as the little knob that can be used to flick the knife open very fast.

The belt clip can be removed on this one as it’s bolted on instead of riveted on.

I intentionally picked a shorter blade, only 2.5 inches long. I live in a Chicago Suburb. Chicago is a bit touched in the head.

I did make one small modification to the knife. I added a very small magent to the back of the knife. I put it on the belt clip with enough room to be able to remove the clip still if I needed to. I used a touch of JB weld to hold it on even though the magnet will hold itself on.

The magnet is strong enough to hold the knife up if placed on metal. The real reason I put it on though is to check to see if metals are magnetic or not. Dad and I where wanting to check to see if a painted metal was steel or not. I didn’t have a magnet with at the time. I do now.