Working on Bella’s barn some more.

I forged some hinges for Bella’s play barn this last weekend. Tonight I put a second coat of paint on the exterior and hung the door. I have to make a door handle for the barn door. I will try to match the hinges. Eventually I would like to make a proper door latch, but […]

Isabella has a barn, e-i-e-i-o

Sing with me! Good thing my carpentry is better than my singing. Today I didn’t get around to any blacksmithing, but I think I have a pretty good excuse! My pallet started looking like a barn today. I kicked around the plexi roof and after a bit of trial fitting, decided it would work quite […]

Bella’s play barn phase one.

I was offered a bunch of wood at work, pallets and a shipping crate. Once I got them home, I got to looking at that shipping crate and thought that I should make something useful out of it. Like a play house for Bella. So I started planning one. Rolling the idea around in my […]