Leather Wrapped Travel Journal

I have been wanting a leather wrapped travel journal for a long time now. I could never find one that I liked however. Yesterday, I bit the bullet, and bought a leather journal, and some graph paper pads the same size. I then took my brand new journal apart, with a knife, and put it […]

She said Yes!

So, as many of you may know, Katie and I have been planning a wedding since Thanksgiving. Due to that whole geography thing, I couldn’t properly propose to her. I had found the perfect ring and everything! Well, Katie’s Awesome Sister and Perfect Brother in law called last Thursday. They where going to go on […]

Ikea is opening up near me!

I LOVE Ikea. I have been to several, the one in Schamburg Ill. (Thanks Brian) and the one in the Twin Cities MN. You wouldn’t believe the excitement I had when I saw an ad for Ikea Orlando. Guess where I saw the ad… On my very own blog of all places. I love Google […]