Used Brazilian Dimensional Embrodery Thread

My brand new, used Brizilian Dimensional Embrodiery ThreadsIs it sad that I am buying somebody else’s USED threads? One would think that

Mother and I were looking online for a place in Florida to buy thread. I found a place… eBay! They sell everything! Somebody in Florida was selling off their Edmar Rayon thread, and I bought up all 7 sets of it. I got combined shipping on it, so I ended up getting it for less then half price. Most of the colors have more then half of the threads left, so I guess it is a pretty good deal. These are old though, the tags are all one color – I think all the new tags are color coded to the size of thread. I also ended up with a few duplicate colors, and the used colors are a bit faded compared to the ones Mother got me new for Christmas. It could just be lot differences, but I thought these weren’t supposed to fade at all.

I am busy sorting the new (used) threads into my existing stock. What a pain! Posted by Picasa

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