Wood Carving a dragon onto a small chest

Just what I need, another craft or hobby.

So, I have today off. Went to lunch with a friend from work just to tease him that I had the day off and he had to work. Well, I was hungry too, so not just to tease him I guess. Anyway, afterwards, I went to a rather large craft store by my house called Pearl’s to find a fabric pencil that will write on black cloth.

I wandered around, and wandered around, and found this really nifty small wooden chest. I looked it over, and thought, that would be kinda neat to have. I put it back, and continued my hunt for the fabric pencil. I wandered across some wood carving tools.

Well, hell.

I just couldn’t help myself. I picked up the carving tools, and went BACK to the boxes. I looked them all over once again, and picked one out. At least this hobby isn’t all that expensive – twelve dollars for the tools and nine dollars for the box. I didn’t even get the most expensive of the tools they had! I just got the most expensive of the “cheap” sets.

Oh, I DID eventually find a nice set of fabric pencils, incase you were wondering if I am THAT flighty! I used it to draw the dragon outline on my new wooden box.

12 pack of wood carving tools in a wooden chestI bought a 12 pack of really cheap wood carving tools. They even fit in the box! I have a place to store my tools while I am carving the box now.

Dragon tracing on the side of a small wooden chest for wood carving.I pulled out my latest Brizilian Dimensional Embrodery project, a dragon head, and copied that image onto the side of my box. I thought I would be clever and position the mouth on the seam of the lid, so when the box opens, the dragon opens it’s mouth.

I started the carving by first cutting the background to depth. I carved in in only about an eight of an inch. I probably could have gone in deeper, but I guess I will save that incase I want to touch this carving up in the future.

I think that if you squint your eyes and get really drunk, it might look good. I am not happy with the top half of the head. The scales really turned out well though. I spent 4 hours outside in the heat working on this silly thing. I guess I will get some sun somehow!

I have a few more sides to do in the future, so maybe I will like the rest of the box when I am finished. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Hi,
    Just what i am looking for ! I have two sons & am looking for some boxes to keep all their keepsake type stuff in….could you email me back if this is something you can do & with prices
    Kind regards

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