‘Tis the season…

I needed a timer for my fish tank lights. My big Coral Life Light Fixture has 2 grounded plugs so I need a heavy duty timer.

Christmas time is the best time to buy timers because it’s about the only time most people need one. You can find some that are pretty fancy.

I found this one at Target. It looked really promising. Digital timer, 3 grounded outlets, and when I replace it with my homebrew controller, it will still be very useful.

It is fairly easy to program, not as easy as dials to switches to set. It is set like a watch is. Set a few buttons and your done.
This one has 3 modes, pure timer (up to 8 of them, so I can set them daily, weekday, weekend, and all week). It also has a photo eye, so it can turn lights on at night. It can also turn on with the photoeye, and turn off by the timer. Pretty cool actually.

I liked the look of this one, I can hang it on the back of my aquarium stand. I picked up a small package of wood screws to hang it.

It works. It turned my big lights off tonight. I think the lights running constant for 5 days straight over Thanksgiving lead to the aquarium turning on me.

Time will tell.

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