Creuzer’s ‘Quarium Cam

Well, I found a camera that is small enough to slip between my fish tank and the tank stand. It wasn’t as cheap as I was hoping, $28, but it wasn’t bad either. The camera I got is a GE MiniCam Pro.

I have it basically wedged between the tank and the stand. It is propped up on an extra suction cup thingy for holding the filter inlet and outlet pipes to the tank. It is on the right side of the tank looking left. I picked direction because the tank isn’t quite in the middle of the stand and there was more room.

The camera is focusable, so I focused it in about 1/2 way into the tank. I am hoping that this will be enough for the tank.

I have set up my template to include a photo that updates every 30 seconds on the top of my blog. Not many people visit my blog, so it isn’t going to create a lot of traffic.

The tank cleared up a lot in the last couple of days, which is good.

I really had to futz with the settings on the camera to convince it to take a photo that wasn’t hard to look at. I still don’t think it is great, but, hey, nobody is perfect.

I am not really happy with the view. A closeup of that large piece of driftwood isn’t all that exciting. And don’t hold your breath for any fish, they aren’t coming before I get back from vacation.

It looks like I need to clean the glass in front of the camera, it is smudged.

What do you think? Fun investment of $28? The camera I really want is $280, but then you would be able pan and tilt and zoom in and all kinds of fun stuff with that one!

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