Refurbishing the aquarium stand for my new used 48 gallon tank.

A good friend of mine is giving me his fish tank(s). Unfortunatly, it’s through a bit of misfortune of his, needing to cell his townhouse.

The tanks have been well used, and so will need a bit of ‘freshening up’.

Tank stand on the back of the trucklet I brought the stand home on my luggage rack.

Tank in the back seat of the trucklet Here is the tank in my truck. I still have to lug the thing out and into my apartment. Maybe during lunch tomorrow…

Tank stand ready to paint Here is the tank stand after I have knocked most of the rust off of it with a wire brush in my drill. I have set up the plastic so I can paint in the house. It’s too windy, humid and dark outside to paint.

Tank stand being painted Here you can see the stand getting painted up so it looks good.

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