Aqurium update.

 I bought a new stand for the planted tank. It fits really nice between the bedroom and bathroom doors. I replanted the whole tank. my microsord really took off, while my glosso has all but died off. I moved all the fish into this tank. I know have Khuli loaches running around in the microsword – that looks pretty cool. I am going to re-set up the CO2 reactor this week, I have it piped in, I just don’t have the Yeast Bottles set up yet. I have to finish drinking the juice!

 I put my TV tank into my entertainment center. I REALLY like how this turned out. Katie isn’t so thrilled about the TV not getting cable. The tank is just sitting empty for right now, I am not sure how I want to stock this tank. I may see about upgradig the lighting, or running crypts in it under the current low lighting.

 Here you see the 2 tanks together. I have an opening between the kitchen and the living room. I am thinking about either putting my 110 gallon tank in that area, or make a small 6″ tall microtank to go into that space. I am leaning towards the micro tank. Not sure where I am going to put the 110. I guess they can both sit in that spot. We shall see.

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